Black garlic is raw garlic that has been aged in a warm and humid environment for a certain period of time. The inky colored cloves are sweet, rich in flavor, and are characterized by a sticky jelly-like texture.

Thanks to the combination of sweet and slight umami flavor, chefs are interested in this tasty superfood. Not only can it be used for a wide array of cuisines, but it also has many health benefits ranging from fatigue recovery to lowering blood pressure.

Making black garlic at home can be an adventurous thing to do. It will take time and the proper technique to make good quality black garlic. Black garlic is ideally slowly heated at 65-70C, not all tools can be set exactly to the required temperature. We recommend making black garlic with a rice cooker.

Here’s a tutorial on how to make black garlic:

What is Black Garlic

A Thorough Guide of Making Black Garlic At Home
There are a few methods to make black garlic. Some people use aluminium foils to cover the garlic bulbs and put it inside a folding proofer. There are also some who experiment with sous vide technique to make black garlic. This tutorial will mainly focus on making black garlic with a rice cooker. Compared to other methods, using a rice cooker to make black garlic is less complicated and almost impossible to mess up.
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Where to Buy Black Garlic


Online stores sell a great variety of black garlic therefore It’s quite easy to find black garlic online. Whether you want to buy something authentic or locally made in your country, online purchase is the most convenient choice.

We also sell Japanese black garlic that is made from high quality Aomori garlic.

Aomori Black Garlic

Matsuyama Herb Farm's Black Garlic (Made In Aomori Prefecture) 3 x 100g Bag Set

This black garlic is a product that uses Matsuyama Herb Farm's original method to pursue its deliciousness. Black garlic is a product of aging regular garlic in a controlled heat and humid condition. Unlike raw white garlic, black garlic doesn't have garlic odor. It has a dried fruit like sweetness.

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In Japan, you can get black garlic at big supermarkets or department stores. You can also find them at black garlic specialty shops.

Outside Japan, you can also buy black garlic at local big supermarkets. Since it has gained popularity for the past few years, some major supermarket brands in North America and Europe also sell black garlic offline and online.

Lately, it is not uncommon to find countries outside Asia that produce their own black garlic. You can get locally made black garlic easier than before.

Asian Supermarket

Black garlic can be considered as a medicinal superfood, so it won’t be surprising if you find it in Asian markets. Usually black garlic can be found in the herb and seasoning section.

How to Choose The Right Black Garlic to Buy

Black Garlic

Good quality black garlic can be identified from a few points: raw ingredient, fermenting period, and nutritional substance.

Good black garlic is made from organic garlic. Make sure to buy from brands that thoroughly explain where they got the garlic from and how they cultivate the garlic as this affects the overall quality and taste.

The aging period can be different depending on the manufacturers. Good manufactured black garlic is aged for at least 30-40 days for an optimal result.

Lastly, high quality black garlic brands will state the nutrition facts on the packaging. This will make it easier for the customer to decide and assure the customers about the black garlic nutritions.

If you find small dew droplets on the packaging, it’s totally normal. As long as mold doesn’t develop inside the packaging or on the garlic bulbs.

Japanese Black Garlic

Black Garlic

What makes Japanese black garlic special?

If you want to know where the majority of garlic is produced in Japan, the answer is Aomori prefecture. Accounting for about 70% of the total domestic productions, Aomori prefecture is famous for producing high quality garlic. The secret lies in good seeds and meticulous care in soil preparation.

A lot of specialty shops in Japan use specially cultivated garlic like Aomori garlic to make high quality black garlic. Since they are using fresh and organic garlic, the taste will be delicious. Although, there are also some Japanese black garlic manufacturers that use garlic from other prefectures.

A lot of people eat black garlic raw in Japan. This is possible because Japanese black garlic doesn’t have pungent garlic odor and tastes rather sweet, it’s even compared to the likes of dried fruits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any substitute for black garlic?
Not really. There is black onion which is made similarly to black garlic, but the taste is far too different to be used as a substitute.
Eating black garlic raw is still too difficult for me, is there any way I can consume it?
Right now, there are a lot of variations of black garlic products out there such as black garlic olive oil, black garlic butter, black garlic vinegar, supplement capsules, and others. You can choose which product that is easy to consume for you.
Is it possible to make black garlic by myself?
Yes. There are a lot of techniques to make black garlic, we recommend using a rice cooker. More explanation about how to make black garlic here.
How long does store bought black garlic last?
It really depends on the brand and quality. But store bought black garlic generally can last 1 year.

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